It is a Web-based application used for storing Electronic Health Records (EHR) or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for small groups of practicing Physicians with main focus on Medical reimbursement and administrative functions. The EHR or EMR service will follow HIPAA and other Federal guidelines


It is an Auditory compliance application in Supply Chain Management. The application protects Customers against monetary loss by designing, building and implementing a robust Supplier Audit Engine (SAE). This audit engine, with a low cost-of-entry, would be the driving force in creating a system that integrates all partners - manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, vendors and consumers into a seamless unit that facilitates both automated and on-demand audit processing with any partner. By virtue of its service oriented design, implementations across multiple domains/industries will be flawless. Pyramid Technology Solutions, Inc. is excited about the prospects in this burgeoning field and has committed a management team to its development. The application allows for the scheduling of supplier audits and storage of audit results along with any corrective actions.

Application benefits include global visibility, avoidance of repeat audits by different users across the company and a repository of information. Users include buyers, commodity managers, supplier development engineers and quality engineers.